Therapeutic AreaFormulary ChoicesCost for 28
(unless otherwise stated)
Rationale for decision / comments
6.5.2 Posterior pituitary hormones and antagonists
Posterior pituitary hormonesDesmopressin acetate
as Noqdirna®
Oral lyophilosate
25 microgram, 30=£15.16.
50 microgram, 30=£15.16.
Indicated for symptomatic treatment of nocturia due to idiopathic nocturnal polyuria in adults. NICE CG111: Nocturnal enuresis
Patients 65 years and older should have their serum sodium monitored before initiating the treatment, in the first week of treatment and at one month after treatment initiation. Discontinue Noqdirna if serum sodium level falls below the lower limit of normal.